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Getting rid of bees

Lees gerus hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans

Getting rid of bees has never been so fast and safe before. We are the bee removal company that gets the job done, quicker than a bee sting. We are about delivering good quality services to our clients. We have been getting rid of bees for many years now, we have earned our good and trusted reputation. Getting rid of bees is an art, that can only be done by patient and willing people. Our staff of bee removers is good at what they do, and will make sue to keep you and your family happy and safe.

We get the job done, faster than a bee sting!!!!!! 011 482 5135

Bee removersbee removers

The getting rid of bees can be done without harming the bees. The swarm of bees might be a big swarm, and the hive might be even bigger. Some people do not want to see the bees getting killed, that is why it is best to call a bee removal company that make sure to do no harm to the bees. Our number one concern is to keep the home/office people safe and the bees safe. But also making sure to getting the job done. Once the bees are gone, the air is clearer and the area is safer. We travel to all the corners of Johannesburg, making sure to deliver good services to our clients.

Safety when removing bees

Because of the possibilty of being stung, our bee removers will be dressed in protective gear and go to great lengths to keep the bees as calm as possible and do the removal speedily. This will minimise the chance of the bees getting angry and swarming.

There are however a few things that you can do when you discover the bee colony or hive that will save time and prevent any unwanted altercations with a swarm of angry bees.

  • Do not try to open the space the bees are in, ie. do not lift the lid of the pool pump etc.
  • Do not hang about outside the hive.
  • Take all children and pets away from the area. Keep them inside until the bees have bee removed.
  • Do not try to spray insecticide into the space, you will anger the bees.
  • Setting fie to the hive is a very bad idea!!!

Service is our first priority

Our relationship to our clients is important, that is why we make sure to get to you, no matter where you are in South Africa. Our friendly staff, will get there, do they best to assist you with your problem. Our number one goal is to always leave our clients with a smile in their faces and no bees in their homes. Call us now, for an affordable quote!!!

A happy ending!

When we remove bees we usually take them to a farm as it is the best place for them because of the space and the pollinating work they can do, benefiting the bees and our selves.

Occasionally we will be asked to deliver bees rather than take them away. This should be done by someone who has done their research and wants to get involved in bee-keeping.

One such person is Diane. We delivered two hives and two colonies to her garden. It appears things are going well.

Diane writes,

"The bees seem to be thriving as there is a lot of activity in and out of
both hives. I bought the gear this morning and will go and check then out
tomorrow evening.

Thanks again.

Kind regards

We hope to hear from her again.

What if you want to keep bees

Keeping bees in much the same manner as Diane does is a rewarding experience and benefits all involved.

  • You will have a new hobby and eventually fresh honey
  • The bees will have a home and if you are a good beekeeper they will have sufficient food from you and your garden
  • Your garden will benefit from having its own pollinators living in it

Beekeeping responsibilities

Beekeeping is more interesting than it is hard work and your bees will generally take care of themselves but you would still need to monitor them to make sure all is well. Here are the main things to keep an eye out for:

  • Activity in and around the entrance to the hive. You will notice pollen on the bees legs, this means they are happy and collecting their own food.
  • The lifespan of a bee is seldom as long as two months so you may notice some dead bees, however if the number increases rapidly you need to check inside the hive. Unfortunately poisons used in the garden can affect the bees.
  • Keep an eye on comb building and honey production, this is a good indicator of the strength of the colony.
  • Monitor the hive and the bees for signs of parasitic invasion. There are treatments and methods to get rid of these pests.


Last updated August 2014

We make sure to get the job done!!!!!!

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