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Bee removal in Pretoria and Centurion.

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Beekeepers in Pretoria

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We are the best bee removal company in South Africa and in Pretoria. We come highly recommended, because we do our job very well. There are many kind of bees in the world and in the country. Pretoria is one of the places in the country that also has its many bee infestations. What many people do in Pretoria when they realise they may have a bee problem is they call on bee removals in Pretoria. The people know that the experts are the only way to go. Don't try to remove bees yourself as you might get seriously stung. Bee removals Pretoria are really good at what they do. The bees differ in how they do things or how they move around. This all depends on the kind of bee that is in your area.

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Some bees:

  • Move in big swarms
  • Protect the hive aggressively
  • Some protect the queen aggressively
  • Some do not sting
  • Some bee sting are poisonous

Distinguishing which bee is which is not easy, that is why its best to leave the removing to the professionals. They will know which bee is which. And if you have a very dangerous bee, they will inform you. They will then remove the bee from your Pretoria home.

Bee removal Pretoria

Bee removal in Pretoria can prevent the possible stinging of a person. Pretoria is known for the Jacaranda tree, the streets are paved in purple petals. The small flowers of the Jacaranda tree are light and fall off the tree easily. The flowers are also known to be sweet and bees can be found buzzing around them because of this when people step on them they are likely to get stung. When this happens we are the first bee removal company that is called to the scene.

Though bees like all other insects or animals attack when they feel threatened. Its always best to prevent the problem. We are experts at removing bees from Pretoria and we make sure that no one gets hurt, even the bees. The removing of bees and making sure not to harm is important because they are sacred insects. Without them we would not have honey. And we all know that we need honey for many reasons. Honey is used for many healing and medical reasons. Bees are important because of their unique qualities.

Spring and Summer in Pretoria

Summer is in full swing in Pretoria and no doubt there are gardens in bloom that will make any keen gardener burst with pride. These gardens are a keen source of pollen for bees. Jacarandas will of course be the most prolific but there are many keen gardeners in Pretoria, and as you head towards the outskirts there will be a number of active and producing small holdings, all of which will rely on bees for pollination of crops.

There are different types of agricultural activities in the area, many of which will require open spaces and various out buildings, others will need pollinating and usually there is a steady supply of water in the area. All of which are conducive to the perfect habitat for bees.

We also remove bees in areas surrounding Pretoria such as Centurion.


Last updated 12 January 2015

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