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Bee Hive Removal

Lees gerus hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans

We are one of the few bee removal companies in South Africa, that remove bee hives and make sure that they are removed completely. We locate the hive, and the queen then remove the hive. Bees build hives so that they can raise their young. This is where they live and breed and take care of the queen. Once bees build a hive they are there to stay. The bee hive is made of beeswax, and is made of tiny cells called honeycombs. Should you find a bee hive in your yard, some where in the corner of your house, it is best to call the local bee keepers. If the bees are causing major issues, calling us would be the best solution. We can be there immediately to remove the bees.

Some hives are natural bee hives. These are usually in the bark of a tree, this is when the bee hive, does not really have to be built by the bees, the bees just work their way around the bark, making it appropriate for a hive. Normally built bee hives are in corners of homes or in public areas. With that in mind, some bee hives can be created. There are people that specialise in making artificial bee hives, this for the development of honey. They can be made from:

  • Straw
  • Wooden boxes

When these are made, the bees are then placed in them, and the bees can then breed in them and go about their way.

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Bee nests

Bee nest are similar to bee hives. This is the same place where they raise their young and make sure the queen is kept safe and happy. When you find a bee nest, it is best not to do anything. Calling the bee removers will help because they can get rid of the bees. What most people do is try remove the bees on their own, or they try to find out how to kill bees.

We know what we are doing and will guarantee the removal of the bees. Bee nests are not there to harm you, this is just bees living how they do, but that might be an issue if they start imposing on your everyday life. Then is the time to call the best bee removal company in the country!!

Don't be brave and try to remove the nest or hive yourself. Although the scenes in the movies where the guy gets chased by a swarm of angry bees are exaggerated, if you do anything to make them angry the bees will chase you and you will definitely get stung. It's just not worth it!

We will be there ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last updated January 2015

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