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Lees gerus hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans

List of beekeepers in Johannesburg:

Midrand, Sandton, Randburg Manfred Leitner 083 263 1311;
087 898 0174
Johannesburg & surrounding Kai 082 561 0346
Eastern Johannesburg Eastern Beekeeper Association 011 362 2904;
082 647 7322
Sandton, Randburg, Northern Suburbs Len 081 209 5384
Johannesburg & surrounding Rob 082 901 8649
Johannesburg & surrounding Grant 083 652 0760
Sandton, Randburg, Northern Suburbs Andrew 082 655 3463
Johannesburg & surrounding Hans 083 647 6232

For the best bee removal company in Johannesburg contact: or 082 561 0346

We are beekeepers that remove bees in your home and office. People no longer have to worry about bees swarming around their space. You can now enjoy the beauties of Johannesburg, without having to worry about getting stung. Johannesburg bees are obviously no different from other bees. They do pretty much what all other bees do such as make hives and honey. Bees are not really an issue, not unless they are causing problems in your home and making your life difficult. If that is the case it is always smart to call a bee keeper or a bee removal company. They can get to your home and remove the bees without hurting them. Note that some bee removal companies will use poisons- we never use poisons because we are real beekeepers.

Call now: 082 561 0346 (branches throughout South Africa)

Bee safety

Safety is important. Bee safety is very important because some people do not know whether they are allergic to bees or not. There is nothing worse then being at a social gathering and being stung by a bee, only to discover that you are allergic. Medical treatment is usually needed. Bee removal Johannesburg, helps prevent those situations. With the bees out of the way, the chances of being stung are very slim. Bee removal Johannesburg, is a team of bee removers that is not a afraid of taking risks. The fact that they might get stung does not scare them, they do not leave until the job is done. Bee removals Johannesburg is a team of specialists, that lives and breathes bee removal. We are the best team for the job, we make sure to rid your place of bees and leave your place bee free!!!!

Get Rid of bees

If you want to get rid of bees without killing the bees then read our page on get rid of bees on this website. In short, the manner of getting rid of bees depends largely on where the bees are and how long they have been there. As an example, if the bees have formed a hive in an old bird box then it is very easy to get rid of them simply by relocating the bird box. As a second example, if the bees have found a crack in your chimney and have been there for a few years then to get rid of the bees there are very few options other than to break a section of masonry out or to kill the bees. Neither option is nice and a decision needs to be made if it is critical to get rid of the bees.


Where are you likely to find bees?

Bees will build a hive where they can be left in relative peace and if there is easy accessto food and water they will be more inclined to settle there. Water meters, irrigation boxes and electrical boxes are a favourite.

There is not any food or water to be found in an electrical box, but it is one of those things that are installed and then left alone with only periodic visits, and withing a bees life time, they might be disturbed by a visitor to the electrical box only once.

The water meter and the irrigation system on the other hand offer not only shelter but also the proximity of water. The pipes may have a leak, however small, that the bees can benefit from, the water flowing through the pipe itself will help to keep the inside of the hive cool.

Bees in water meters are easily removed, but it is best left to a professional to do the removing. Bees can be rather unpredictable and if they become agitated they are more likely to sting, and in large numbers an unprpared person or someone without protective gear can get quite hurt.

What do we do with the bees?

Beekeeper bee hiveWe are beekeepers, so we re-hive the bees and put them in our apiaries on farms. Most of our apiaries are in Gauteng but we sometimes send our bees to Mpumalanga. We like to experiment with new bee hive designs, so if you see a strange looking bee hive, it may be one of ours! Every year we produce a number of bee products such as honey and wax. We don't sell our honey retail but if you would like some please ask. We usually harvest honey late in the season, around February to April.

Right: one of our experimental bee hives. This one is a cross between a Langstroth Hive and a Jackson Hive. To reduce the pressure on the bees these hives have a lower honey yield than Langstroth hives but the advantage is that more bee colonies survive bad winters. They are also a lot lighter than Langstroth Hives to save our backs!


Last updated November 2015

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