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Bee Removals

Lees gerus hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans

Bee removals are the best way to ensure that your home is safe and free of bees. We are one of the best bee removal companies in South Africa. Our main goal is to ensure safety for all famalies. We not only remove bees from homes, but we also remove bees from industrial ares. Bees are closely related to ants wasps. They are responsible for honey and beeswax, which makes them very important insects. So when you find that you have bees in your home, it is best to call a bee removal company. They will know what to do, and how to get rid of the bees without hurting them. It is important for bee removals company not to harm the bees when removing them. They can get aggressive when sensing danger, and could possibly attack and sting. This is why it is best to have the professionals do it.

Removal of Beesremoval of bees

The fact that we are professionals, the bee removal process does not take us too long. The things that matter with how long it takes to remove bees are:

  • Location of the hive
  • Location of the queen
  • Size of the hive
  • Location of other possible hives

Once all the things listed above have been found, then the rest is easy. This is easy for the bee removers, not the home owner. Bee removing is not a job for amateurs. It requires and expert and high concentration.

Bees in the Box

Once the bees hide out place has been found, the real work begins. We would then, wear our protective bee gear, so not to get stung. We would carefully sedate the bees, not killing them and then remove the hive. It is important to locate the queen, so that when they are sedated, we make sure to sedate her too. We then get rid of the hive, making sure to get rid of all of it, so that they cannot breed again. The honey can be removed by bee keepers, they will know what to do with it. When we have removed the hive, we then spray the area so that they do not return, and the job is done.

Why bee removals and not extermination?

Extermination refers to the entire colony being wiped out through various means, poison being the most popular. We try to avoid having to do this at all costs, but sometimes the bees have located themselves in a place which is either unreachable or will require more than just a small amount of remodeling once we are done. Bees that make hives deep in walls generally don't pose a direct threat to humans and their pets but the will attract pests and the possibility exists that the honey will run or the wax of the honeycomb will melt, causing damage to the property.

We will try a few different techniques to draw the bees out and move the colony safely, but if we are unable to do so extermination will be our final option.

Needless to say, we are very much aware of the dwindling numbers of bees on earth and the functions that bees perform to our benefit. Aside from the humanitarian view, we bear all of this in mind as motivation to remove bees safely.

Helping to keeps be numbers up does not mean you should have a swarm nesting somewhere in your garden or your house. Helping bees survive means having any intrusive swarms removed ethically and humanely. Exterminating the bees should not be an option and most bee removers will only consider extermination when every other alternative has been exhausted.

There are some things that you can do to ensure that bees remain alive and are strong enough to survive the season and continue to produce honey and pollinate crops.

You can plant things that bees like, things that will provide them with pollen. Flowering plants are wonderful source of pollen and in certain cases nectar for the bees but many flowering plants only bloom during certain times of the year. So by planting at various stages of the year you not only ensure a steady supply of pollen but you have the benefit of a beautiful garden through out the year.

Another option is to eliminate pesticides. Pesticides are not only harmful to insects but to humans too, and by eliminating them you will see a return of life to your garden and the harm you were doing to yourseld with the pesticides will diminish.



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