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Bee removal in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal

Lees gerus hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans

Durban remains one of the most chilled cities in the country. Within the chilled city, we are the quickest and most respected bee removal company in Durban. The people are lovely and welcoming. But the bees sometimes are not. Because of this bee removal in Durban is the best way to go. When bees attack in Durban it happens mostly at the beach or near the bins and the cool drinks. They have been known to attack only when provoked though. We are always called to remove them because we are professional bee removers. Thats the only way to get rid of them, without getting hurt or stung. Though some bees do not sting, only a professional can tell that its always safer to assume they do sting so that you do not find yourself being chased by a swarm of bees. So for safety, call us: bee removers in Durban and we should be able to get rid of the problem.

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The importance of bees

There is no doubt that bees are important, that is why calling the professionals to remove them is the smart way to go. The professionals can make sure to remove them, and not harm them. They can be moved to a more bee friendly place, where they can make more honey and move freely without being sprayed with poisonous sprays, or being attacked with brooms. Bees in other parts of the world are seen as mystical insects, and they provide food to many people or tribes all over the world. Even to the people of Durban.

Magical bees

Bees are very magical creatures. They are known to be diligent creatures, and clean. Though they fly, bees are not really built to fly. This is because of their body weight and the size of their wings. But the bees do not know this, so they just fly. And not only do they fly when its meant to be scientifically impossible, they make a little honey too. Bees are very interesting insects, that is why it is best to have bee removers in Durban, remove them for you. Should you have a bee infestation.


Call us now, and we will have the bees removed in no time!!!!

Durban bees

Durban bees, it seems, are no different from any other bees around the country or the world for that matter. What motivates them is the same thing that motivates other bees. The need for food and water and a safe place in which to start building a nest so that the queen can start laying her eggs and the colony can grow.

The humisity of coastal areas such as Durban will ensure that there is plenty of plant life and bees should be able to forage just about anywhere they go. With this kind of plant life a place for bees to start building a hive should not be that difficult to find; unfortunately these places are often where humans have made homes or gathering places for themselves.

Bees that make their homes where humans are need to be moved along or rehomed. A bee remover worth his salt should be able to remove the bees and place them in a new environment without harming them.

Last updated January 2015

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