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Bee removal Cape Town and the Western Cape

Lees gerus hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans

Cape Town has been voted 3rd, as the best city to be in the world. With all this in mind, the city has its lows, bees swarm the city. We have been voted the best bee removal company in Cape Town. We are always there to assist the people of Cape Town with any bee problem. Bee removal Cape Town is the best. There are certain parts of the city that have bad, those are the parts that need bee removal Cape Town. When bees are a problem, it is best to phone the professionals to get rid of the bee issue. They are highly trained and will have the bees removed in no time. It is better you call bee removers when you suspect that there is a bee infestation in your home.

Bees can be deadly, and if someone who is stung is allergic, they may need medical help to get the poison out. So to avoid being stung, call the Cape Town bee removal experts.

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Bee Safety in Cape Town

Most of us when we see a bee buzzing near us, we tend to panic, which is what we should not do. Yes, it is hard not to panic, because we think we will get stung. The best thing to do, when you encounter a swarm of bees or even one bee (because it takes one sting to discover you are allergic) is to stay calm. If possible, do not move until the bee is gone. If it is a swarm of bees, cover yourself with a jacket and run to the nearest building.

Bee removal companies in Cape Town, know what they are doing. To make sure that you have the bees in your home removed completely, it is best to call Bee removal Cape Town. They will know what to do, they should be able to have the bees removed in no time. They number one concern is your safety.

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Selling local honey at local markets

District Six known for it's history in in later years for it's vibrancy and tourism. Now there is something new to benefit the people of District Six and Oranjezicht.

The Oranjzicht city farm has provided an avenue for local honey producers to market their product. In 2012 the first urban beehive was erected on a rooftop hive in District Six. Paint containers were donated for the beekeepers to plant various flowering plants in, enabling the bees to have a supply of food on hand if the gardens in the area were not in bloom.

There is also an initiative where people allow beehives to stand on their property, allowing bees to forage in their garden and then have the honey removed by professional beekeepers and bottle and sold locally.

This could be considered a good alternative to anti-histamines; there are those who believe that eating the honey from which is made locally by bees collecting pollen from local plants will benefit those who are allergic to the local flora.

Gerald the Bee Whisperer of Cape Town

Someone has taken the time to find out where her favourite bit of sweetness comes from, even learning about the hives being moved from one farm to another depending on what is in bloom. The person behind the questions is Cape Tonian blogger Pia Taylor and the object of her literary affection this time around is Gerald.

Gerald is known as the Cape Town Bee whisperer, he has made it a goal to remove bees from unwanted spaces, rather than exterminate them and rehouse them on various farms. Gerald also sells the honey that is the reward for his labour at various markets around Cape Town.

If organic and unfettered is your thing, give this honey a try and if you ever need some bees removed, remember Gerald.

National Honeybee Foraging Week

National Honeybee Foraging Week was launched in September 2014 in an a bid to educate South Africans in the part they can play in the continued survival of the honey bee acress the country.

The initiative aims to promote the consciousness of the various crops such as canola, citrus and sunflowers as a significant role player in the continued health of bees.


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Last updated 7 January 2015

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