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Bee removal in Sandton

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Lees gerus hierdie blasy in Afrikaanssandton skyline

Bees seem to live a nomadic life, as the colony splits they form new colonies and migrate to different areas. Sometimes they move to places that are well suited to them but because bees generally fly between 3 and 5 kilometres in order to forage, it might be the case that they will intend to migrate but reach their flying limit and what initially starts as a rest break turns into settling.

Unfortunately this happens in urban areas like Sandton. Tall buildings, lush gardens and undoubtedly a profusion of flowering plants both in the suburb as well as in the commercial district. There are numerous places where bees will be quite happy to settle and build their hive.

Don't let the office hero try to remove the bees if you find them on your balcony at break time and neither should you allow your gardener to set fire to what you might think is a bee hive. The chances of an angry swarm attacking everything around them increase hundredfold.

We are bee removers by trade and will remove the bees from your house in Sandton or your office in Sandton City and surrounds, just give us a call, we will remove the bees and relocate them safely with as little disruption to your day as possible.


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Last updated November 2013

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