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Bee removal in Fourways

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Lees gerus hierdie bladsy in Afrikaansfourways

Somewhat more rural, Fourways has in the past been home to small farms and plots, where livestock was kept as a matter of course. Fourways is also comprised of large open spaces on which various antelope etc are allowed to run relatively freely within the encampment.

In a city like Johannesburg these open spaces are a welcome haven for bees and they can build their hives and live as close to nature as they like. However they sometimes get it wrong and you end up with a colony of bees attaching themselves to the eaves of your roof or building a hive in your dog's kennel.

When this happens it can be quite risky to both the humans and the animals; nobody really feels like getting stung, but neither do you want your movement restricted.

Once you are sure where the bees have settled, give us a call and we will send a bee remover out to you. He will remove the bees and rehouse them in just as much open space, but somewhere that will suit them(and you) better.


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Last updated November 2013

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